Now Jalopnik is starting in with the "auto start, full volume, right in the middle of the screen, no way to stop it" video ads that IO9 has. Quickest way in the world to make me hit the close button on a page regardless of whatever is there. It could be Christina Hendricks in all her fully frontal glory and I would still just react to the Fn blast of sound and just end the page right then and there. Can't be helped, it's just triggers that reaction in my lizard brain. "Loud noise! Make it go away!!!" So, now the Jalopnik is off limits. Please don't let this happen to Oppo.

Edit: Yes, I realize that adblock will stop this, but I have long tried to support the sites I like by allowing them to run ads. I just may have to change my policies about that. Sigh. Why can't we all just get along?