The BTCC finished its season in traditional style at Brands Hatch on the full GP loop. Coming into the finale 5 drivers had a mathematical chance of winning, though in reality Gordon Shedden, driving a Honda Civic and Jason Plato in a VW Passat CC were the favourites.

If I’m honest, all these pictures are from Saturday, as Sunday I was there just to spectate and enjoy. So without further ado, picture time:

The two Hondas of Matt Neal and Gordon Shedden up at Druids.

Sam Tordoff has swapped to the BMW this year, but hasn’t really gelled with the car. WSR won the series last year but didn’t figure in the title fight this year.

The GP loop makes for some spectacular photos.

It does rain a lot over here, hence how luscious and green everything is.

Maximum commitment required at Westfield, and lots of cars were hopping the kerb and getting two wheels in the air.

Formation flying during qualifying for the Hondas.

Plenty of Oppo for a FWD car from last years champ Turkington. Paddock hill really sorts the men from the boys.

Tom Ingram has really come of age this season, he has had some good results and a win can only be a matter of time.

More two wheeling, this time the Team BMR VWs

The little independent teams really add some great class to the BTCC, with teams like AMD Tuning buying season old cars, and drivers like Mike Bushell who have graduated from the lower series (in this case Clio Cup) being able to showcase their talent.

Even the RWD BMW’s get some air at Westfields when on a seriously quick lap.

Some slight compression on the suspension at the bottom of Paddock Hill.

Andy Jordan is another former champion, although this season hasn’t been great, having switched teams to the 888 MG. I’d bet he’s hoping for a much better season in 2016.

Plato has been in the series for around 18 years, and has a very polarising effect on fans. Reading two different forums you would think people had watched 2 different races by how they reacted.

Andy Priaulx, 3x world touring car champ joined the series this year, and showed why he won those titles for BMW, with speed and great overtaking showing his class.

Rob Collard spends his weekdays running a demolition business, and weekends racing the BTCC. Not a bad hobby...

A touch of Oppo from the front wheel drive Focus of Alex Martin.

Umm not sure about the track limits here...

The Focus seemed very soft on its suspension, almost always cocking a rear wheel under heavy braking,

Geoff Smith had a slight altercation with the barrier during qualifying.

Simon Belcher has retaken his seat back from friend of Jalopnik Robb Holland.

Dan Welchs team took on the ambitious task of building their own engine this year with less that successful results. I really hope they come back next year, but maybe taking the series provided engine again rather than their own unit.

Adam Morgan was another driver to really find his feet this season, and managed something very few others ever have in the BTCC, finishing every race and every lap in the beautiful Mercedes A Class run by the family team.

Former Clio Champ Mike Bushell two wheeling through Westfields.

3 of the 4 team BMW Passats.

Its not all about the BTCC, with a very busy support package keeping things entertaining throughout the day:

The Ginetta G55 GT4s had a record grid this year with 27 cars entered into the final meeting. its always a great sign when grids are growing and healthy, after a fairly slow start the whole support package is full and well subscribed this year.

The Porsche Carrera Cup GB is a staple of the BTCC support package and some big names in sportscars have come through this, including Richard Westbrook.

Dan Cammish has done his usual thing of winning in pretty dominant style. Hes definitely a name for the future.

Daniel McKay had a fairly huge accident during practise on Friday, so the team raided the Porsche spare parts truck, hence the slightly patchwork nature of the cars paint scheme.

Umm, someome should tell the Clios its a non contact sport.

Michael Caine (not that one) was driving the Amigos art car which was being sprayed over the weekend to add different styles to each race. I went to watch and wasnt convinced until I saw the finished thing, that really looked rather epic.

And thats all folks. All pictures are on my flickr here: RWSMotorsport