This is the 4th time I’ve replaced the fusable link in this damn car, and now it STILL won’t start. I can push start it again, and my battery doesn’t drain in 45 minutes, but yeah, this sucks. Maybe now I can test the immobilizer ecu and hopefully bypass the damn thing. I just want a hidden kill switch instead, then maybe I could focus on getting the ac compressor and intercooler fan fixed instead. But noooooooooooooooo now I have to probably push start it, drive it 4 hours from my parents house where it’s been sitting to my new house and park it in the garage where it will probably sit for a nearly a year again.


Also, yes that is a second (really 4th) fusebox on the firewall, it runs off 12v ignition and a relay. Powers the heated s2000 seats and backup camera that doesn’t work.