Lime Rock Park was the Venue. Probably the best day ever. The SCDA is a great way to get you and your car on the track if you live in the Northeast, and I would highly recommend it. I passed everyone in my group multiple times. My instructor said there was "no question" that I should be moved out of the novice group. (Video games and autocross get the credit for that). I kept up with the GT-R, so there's that. (many pictures of awesome cars inside)

I'm honestly still trying to figure out if it's me that's a good driver or it's the Fiesta. Because the Fiesta is ultra fun.

Someone bought one! This guy was also my instructor, and gave me a ride in it. He was a very nice guy. So awesome.

A herd of Abarths arrived and began to graze.

This poor car :( There were two other casualties, an old GLI that hit the wall with airbags deployed, and a WRX with a cracked bumper.


This Lambo showed up, went on track, and spun out somehow.


A 968 Coupe. The first (and probably last one) I'll ever see.

The Fiesta took a chunk of rubber flung up by a car at speed while going around the left hander. Battle scars.