Apparently I’m getting a Dell. 😛

The Inspiron 15 Gaming (7559) is just too good of a deal to pass up... 15.6" HD IPS display, core i5 6300hq, 16gb RAM, GeForce 960M 4GB, 256GB Samsung m.2 SSD and 1TB WD Black 7200rpm, 4 REAL hours of battery life (6+ by wussy “web browsing” standards), all for just over $850... Its not a cheap laptop, but it is a hell of a lot for what you pay...


My current old ASUS q202 has served me well, but it’s currently suffering HDD failure... Sure, I could replace the drive for $50 and it would be fine, but I’d still have an older i3 with only integrated 3000-series graphics and 4gb max RAM, and what’s the fun in that?