Sitter took off for St Patty’s day, so I did as well. Took the boys to the National Railroad Museum in Green Bay, which despite it’s name is fairly small. But they have a solid collection, and let you climb over most of it. In other words, it’s a great place to take a pair of toddlers. Here’s the highlights.

Union Pacific Big Boy!
You can’t comprehend how massive this thing is unless you see one in person.
I was born 100 years too late...
Eisenhower’s command cars from WW2
Recently sent to the UK and cosmetically restored.
Stuff was accomplished here. Maybe like winning a war?
One of the Merci Trains sent by the French as a thank you after WW2. Look these up, it’s a great story.
The GM Aerotrain. The passenger cars were converted bus chassis, so apparently the ride sucked and this concept never took off.
Maybe someday they’ll get one of these running. One can dream.