Vintage run, to be specific.

I saw things there.

Things like an exposed gearchange. Like a Ferrari, kind of.

Here’s the rest of it, the silver Alvis, flanked by a non-rusty Lancia..

And its ornament.

Here’s a Triumph Stag, with its Triumph engine. Just not the one it was intended to have.

Here we find an MGB with a V8, just not the one it was intended to have.

This splendid chap drove 82 miles to get to the event in his Austin Seven, which took him about two hours. It went just fine until it encountered decent roads, something it was never intended for, and tended to wander somewhat. It does about 52 or 53 mp(Imp)g.

You didn’t know cup holders were a thing on a 1930s car?

Finally, and by way of a break from all the immaculate restoration, a spot of patina. Or as we more usually call it, rust, faded paint and exposed horsehair.

The BX is vintage now? Seemingly so, although you still see them in daily use in France. The bumpers would have matched the body when new.