So Oppo, on Saturday we took my dog Duke in to be groomed (wash & nails) at the local Petco. As we pulled into the parking lot, we noticed the little "Adoptions Today" sign out front. Well, my daughter loves animals so we went and took a look at the adoptable doggies.

Meet our new dog, Caramella. She's very sweet but the tongue sealed the deal. She's 9 years old and came from a home who's owner's health forced a surrender. Apparently, Miniature Italian Greyhounds need their teeth brushed daily, and her previous owner's health didn't bode well for that, so her teeth rotted and had to be removed. She can keep her tongue in her mouth, but it's difficult and she's still learning (her teeth were removed recently, shes still has stitches).

The only issue so far is with our kitten. She's trying to figure out why this new "cat" won't play with her. I think after a week or so of Caramella getting used to everything, she'll play with Lucy.