Decided to drag the Fiat out to the local cars and coffee this morning. Miraculously I made it up in time to get... um... this excellent parking spot. At 7 AM. I moved the car to a more prominent (but still remote) spot later in the morning. My car is adorably small:

Where’s a banana when you need one?!?

Here are some additional shots from the morning!

Buddy Langdon dilly-dallying before hopping out of the car
450HP T4 Turbo Datsun with a dry 50 shot of NOS for spool (until 7PSI)
Drop top Lincoln— the new can’t compare to the old!
Sick Rat Rod. Exhaust— we don’t need no stinkin’ exhaust!
Thanks NASA....
Pristine restored 2nd Gen E Type
With that inline-6 goodness
I hate you
No really, I hate you
Hnnggghhhh... heat treated exhausts are the best exhausts.
It belongs in a museum!
Man... I should have rat rodded the Fiat. I feel like I need velocity stacks in my life.
Sounded great, all these pristine cars!
This is my dream Vette body style
But it should have this motor
The drop tops drop the curves, but this one drops 500 N/A HP to the ground.
You may find yourself lacking the ability to see one spectrum of light though.
Hidden away— because it’s a kit. Nice kit though.
Why oh why didn’t I catch the full nose?
I like these 308s.
Most obscure car of the show.
sr20-swapped 2002. Nasty little ratty survivor.
First Gen Vette.
All this carbon, for an NA S2000 intake...
looks sized about right for that kid
These should be $15K, dammit. I hate those of you that drove them out of my price range.
How long do you think she’s owned this beaut?