I spent the day checking out the insane inventory at MM.

The only reason I made the trip was to see this Turbo S duo painted in a new color called Boardman Blue. Rumor has it a customer ordered one of every model of Porsche in this color, but cancelled the order last minute. So now Porsche is selling them as special editions. The Cayenne is called Project 1 and the 911 Turbo is Project 2.

And scroll down to see all the other cars that I wasn’t expecting to see:

Silver 918 Spyder. Not the most exciting spec (the calipers aren’t even painted in Acid Green), but always a treat to see. Nah, but I’ve seriously seen 6 silver 918's, so give me some color dammit!

Carrera S Endurance Racing Edition. The graphics say “Porsche Intelligent Performance,” but you’d have to be a bird to read them (or stand on a balcony like me!)

Chiron and Veyron Super Sports. I’ve seen this SS multiple times, and that dark blue photographs incredibly poorly (like any dark color). Fun fact: Manhattan Motorcars has the only standalone Bugatti dealership in the United States. Other dealers are licensed to sell Bugatti’s, but this is the only official North American dealership!

Serious question: do gold wheels ever NOT look awesome?!?
Fun fact: When I toured the Lambo factory, they had only completed the driver’s seat with this badge stitched into the headrest. Nice to finally see the rest of the car!

Two special edition Aventadors: Miura 50th Anniversary and Pirelli Edition.

Top Gear spoiler on the back!
I wasn’t allowed into this room. Please don’t rat me out!

And a Koenigsegg CCX that was just delivered from Dubai. Currently for sale for $1.3M if you’re interested!

And here’s some random other cool stuff they had:

Arancio Atlas
Kinda cool to see two matching white Bentley’s.
Matte white
Lava Orange
This Virage pulled up outside the dealership as I was leaving. I overheard the owner saying he was going to shop for a Rolls-Royce Phantom. He must have a thing for V12's!