I noticed you felt the need to remind me that I was parking in a clean air vehicle parking spot. As you probably know, I am well aware of the marking on the spot. What you may not know though is that the Ford Escape 3.5liter non electric vehicle you placed your note on is, in fact, a clean air vehicle.

Why you ask? The vehicle has been meticulously maintained and is well on its way to clear the 150k mark. It has not been left to pollute and junk up some dump somewhere. Every mile of its possible use will be taken advantage of. It carts me around 100 miles a day to and from work. It’s transported children to the early years of elementary school, then junior high and now high school and may even make it to college orientation. It’s taken the beating of a pit bull puppy and is still gentle enough to carry around a now pit bull senior. It’s been camping, Christmas at the relatives two states over and even on some unconventional parking ventures. This single vehicle has done all that all while passing smog standards! No excess resources or pollution needed to produce the extra components needed for one of those half electric things. It doesn’t even smoke cigarettes!

Now I’m sure you paid a lot for your ‘clean air vehicle’ and I respect that. But chances are you just junked your previous vehicle well before its time (what a waste of resources) or sold it off to some more economically disadvantaged folk. Now they get to drive your previous non ‘clean air vehicle’ vehicle.

Now I get handicap parking, pregnant woman parking, and even plug in vehicle parking. But a parking spot reserved solely for people that can afford to dump their old car and buy a new one at 5-10k over the standard vehicle sticker price? Certainly there is no special parking for that person. Just for clean air vehicles like my own. Besides, your vehicle uses less gas than mine so you can afford to drive farther for a parking spot.

On a less snotty note, I noticed you have recently purchased a bunch of band-aids. I am very sorry you have a need for such a purchase and sincerely hope you or whomever you made such a purchase for is healing well.

Clean air vehicle owner that parked in a spot near 20 other open spots