Finally took delivery of my RS this past Saturday. It seemed like an eternity, headaches at ford dealers, delays in production and a recall that should have been fixed in 2013 pretty much sums it up. My RS was completed 7/17/2016, took delivery on 10/8/16. But enough about that, it was totally worth the wait.

So far, since 10/8 I’ve put over 250 miles on it. Don’t really have much to say but first impressions are great. Steering is percise, responsive and definitely confidence inspiring. The ride is wayy too rough, but nothing a few trips to the chiropractor cant fix. No, I have’t tried “drift mode” and probably won’t. You’re not buying a car like this to be comfortable, and it’s great at not being it. Again not much to describe, so far The RS is incredible and it definitely puts a smile on my face. I’ll keep oppo updated and will actively try and get the car out and about

The dealer kept it tucked away in the corner of their service bay