I’ve mentioned it before, but I went to college for game and simulation production. Basically, we learned how to create video games from theory to final product. Anyways, I was cleaning around the house and found a incomplete game bible (aka everything you need to know about the game) that I wrote back in 2011. I wanted to share it with you guys, because it sounds quite fun on paper.

It’s a sandbox FPS, where the main character is stuck on a mysterious island, and to end the game you have to escape; except it’s not easy to do that. The island was once home to a technologically advanced civilization, who left a AI to protect the island and to stop people from leaving the island. The AI has also built robots to protect the island. The island is also home to exotic flora and fauna, some friendly and some not; some both. There are other castaways you might befriend or fight as well.

Excuse the chicken scratch notes. I was trying to write out the story in order that it happens.

The weapons part might seem weird, but I was going for a simplified weapon setup. Four unique weapons, each customizable to your hearts content. If I remember correctly, the rifle can become the sniper rifle for long range shots, the shotgun for close range insane situations (mainly large animals), and the revolver for anything else.


Looking back, I believe my idea was that parts of the gun were interchangeable, so you can put a bigger bore on the revolver itself to put in larger bullets.

What do you guys think? Re-reading it makes me want to add onto it, flesh it out more.