So, first things first:

We survived with no issues. My part of South Carolina got mostly snow, with no ice or sleet until late into the afternoon on the 12th, at which point it did little more than make the top of the snow so crusty that you sometimes would walk on top of it without breaking through to the powder underneath.

-Maximum flat-ground accumulation of actual snow reached just over 5" here before the sun came up and it all began to melt. So...yeah, nowhere near the 8-12" they'd originally called for- partly due to it switching to about 6 hours of sleet at around 4pm.

-Our power never went out or even flickered.

-Nobody in the neighborhood died or left their car upside down in a ditch. A couple people found their way into ditches in the surrounding roads down the hill from us, but nothing major. I did have to help pull the neighbor's pickup truck out of their own ditch late last night, but there was no damage to it.


-Snow is melting so fast that the majority of roads are already perfectly safe to drive on.

-Slush. Slush everywhere.

-Snow men. Snow men everywhere.

-I can hear people on four-wheelers flying past our home constantly.

-Since the temperature has risen and much of the snow has turned to slush, I'm glad I got all my pictures and hooning out of the way yesterday.


-And most importantly of all, we had plenty of bread and milk! :-P

-And no, I couldn't resist poking fun at the whole 'bread and milk' thing:

As for the aformentioned's some video evidence that I didn't let the opportunity go to waste and put Herr Quattro to some proper use- busted windshield wipers and crappy all-season tires and all:

Apologies to anyone trying to view it on mobile or outside of the U.S. - YouTube has gone all Third Reich when it comes to music in videos. I also uploaded a Vimeo version later that isn't quite as high-resolution and lacks some of visual pizzazz, lol:

And now...PHOTO DUMP! (Mostly of Herr Quattro, because I'm an automotive narcissist like that).

Our back yard this morning:

Neighborhood yesterday afternoon:

Neighborhood this afternoon:

So all in all, a good time was had. Overall, a very interesting week, though. Especially with the earthquake we had on Valentine's day.