So all of you have probably been drooling over the new Alfa Romeo 4C and its beautiful lines and near perfect proportions. But did you know that GM debuted a concept way back in 2003 that looks, to my eyes at least, uncannily, from the front, like a 4C. It was called the Vauxhall VX Lightning Concept and served as a part of Vauxhall's Centenary celebrations and as a possible replacement for the VX220. Interestingly, both cars feature a forced induction I4 engine but the concept's displaced 2.2L, was supercharged making 240 hp and 225 ft lbs, and sent its power through a 6-speed manual transmission. On top of this, the concept and the modern 4C have wheelbases and lengths within 4 inches of each other. It's cars like this, that always make me wonder about what could have been.

So what do you think? If it had made production, would you have lusted after the VX as much as you do the modern 4C? Also, if given the choice, which would you park in your garage? Finally, if you think I'm simply an old geezer who has no idea what he's talking about and probably needs reading glasses feel free to let me know in the comments.

Note: In the interest of preventing Milky from having a massive heart attack, I would like to clarify that I do not in any way, shape, or form feel that the Vauxhall VX Lightning Concept is an Alfa or is exactly like one. My intent was to simply point out how similar I found the Vauxhall and Alfa Romeo 4C's fronts to be and discover whether the Jalopnik/Oppositelock communities felt the same.


Additional photos of the VX Concept's interior and two wonderful rears: