Recently, after over a year of it sitting due to one thing after another breaking, I’ve gotten back into my 1993 Prelude S. I’ve had it since August 2012, but my 3rd gen and 5th gen have been taking most of my attention the past 3 years, and I pretty much only used this one for beater purposes. It’s needed a paint job for awhile, but for now I’m just maintaining the paint that’s on it. I took it to my dad’s this afternoon, since his yard has some shade trees and he’s better than me at these sorts of things. The car got a wash and wax, followed by some TR3.

Some before pics:

Much of the clear coat is gone, but the work we did today made the car work a lot better.

Some after pics:

Still quite a lot of work to do, but I think it looks a lot better. Next up, inspection, then getting those back wheels switched onto the proper side (directional) tires. The tire place put them on wrong and I didn’t notice until it was too late.