Also didn't expect everyone to respond the way they did....

I knew the man that Kimi told to fuck off wasn't Luca Di Montezemolo. I don't know who he is (and judging by the comments nobody is sure either), but more or less it seemed like Luca told him to get Kimi, to which Kimi told him to fuck off, thus indirectly telling Luca to fuck off.

Ok, I probably should have been a bit clearer in with my description, that's my bad. Honestly thought I didn't exactly think my post would have been FP and everybody is pounding my ass over this. I'm just posting this so A. I can salvage some of my dignity and B. People don't constantly doubt any thing a post about F1 in the future. To be honest I think Travis FP'd it because he too thought I didn't knowwhatI'mwasdoing, and was tired of me bitching about how a complain about the staff never hat tipping. Why not get some payback in the sweetest of ironies? If that's true, I can't blame him.
Anyway, if your still pissed off, have a space dog.

This isn't helping matters, isn't it?