Here are the major automotive events in my life as of this past week:

1. Southern Georgia has tons of dirt roads. On top of that, since the whole place used to be underwater, a lot of said roads turn into loose sand occasionally. That makes FWD oppo super easy and super fun. The only downside is that, when the roads you're hooning about have at most two farm houses on them, they're not really a maintenance priority. This means that you're a moron for going 35mph into that puddle over there. It wasn't a big one, and the others were shallow and easy. This one, though, makes you bottom out right away and you're forced to gun it in hopes that you can keep your momentum long enough to not be stuck. You aren't stuck, but now your hood is. In the chaos of a vertical front-end impact, your hood latch cable has decided that it would rather be a useless piece of poo. This means that you can't easily check your oil to make sure you haven't sprung a leak. You also won't be able to install that GT grille from Pull-A-Part, as if the paint will ever lay down correctly anyway. On top of that, the mysterious rubbing/scratching/grinding noise you now hear on turns will go undiagnosed since you can't get a good vantage point. That is partially due to the fact that your college is severely lacking in automotive accommodations; Is it really so much to ask for maybe 5 parking spots to be sacrificed in exchange for a few permanent concrete ramps so that we can - at the very least - change our goddamn oil without taking it in to an overpriced shop? Anyway, you think it's just some plastic either in one of the wheel wells or under the engine. That reminds you that you should get around to turning that old street sign in the woods into a skidplate. You know, in case this exact thing happens. You also wonder how important this all is, if that's just a noise and nothing more, if you can rig the hood to open from the outside without using the cable, if there's a paint thinner that can clean off your grille and you can just settle for a black one.

Anyway, moving on... Yesterday I was out with a friend when we got passed by some dirt track cars on trailers, so we decided to follow them. Five minutes and $20 later, we were at Swainsboro Raceway, a place neither of us had ever heard about, admiring the fact that someone had brought a fucking 4th generation Nissan Altima (2007-2012) to race in the 440s class, which is only restricted to 4-cylinder engines (with no modifications) and two wheel drive (front or rear). They also have an $800 claim rule, meaning that you can buy any car that beat yours for $800 and exchange of your own car. This guy didn't come in last, so I'm not sure if he got to keep his possibly-still-capable-of-being-under-warranty-had-it-not-become-a-race-car race car. Crazy shit.
Also saw a 12-year-old driver slide directly into the wall on his very first hot lap, totaling it and presumably causing his mother to faint. He had no injuries, thankfully. There were only two other crashes, one during hot laps and another in the real race. That one pissed me off so bad. There was a little Camaro chugging along behind the pack, getting lapped several times, obviously just in it for fun and practice. He kept out of the racing line except to cross it where needed, wasn't causing anyone harm, and just generally looking adorable. Then along comes this tool:

He leaves the racing line to pass someone, and ends up behind the little Camaro. Instead of getting back in line to pass at a later moment, he keeps right on going, pushes the Camaro along, and then makes a sudden jerk to the right, spinning the Camaro into the inside wall, totaling it. Luckily, #94 didn't win, but I'm not sure if he got any sort of punishment or anything for it. There was no denying that he intentionally spun the other car, but I didn't hear the announcer call him out on it once. I just hope that the driver of the other car isn't going to be forced to take an indefinite leave from racing after that massive dick move. Judging by the state of his Camaro at the beginning, I don't think he really has the funds to account for a totaled car. Poor guy.


Side note: #94 cut me off and ran a stop sign on his way out of the parking lot. What a dick.