We've all come to know the Bugatti Veyron very well over the last decade or so. $1 million+ msrp, 1001hp, 250+mph, $25k for new tires, $70k to get those new tires mounted onto their rims, and two keys. I remember when the concept cars first came out and were plastered all over the internet back in the eighth grade. I even did my final project on Ettore himself.

Now I've kind of grown tired of the Bug. I'll admit, its an incredible machine and engineering feat, but today I could rattle off several 1000hp and 250mph cars. The color choices made by the members of the exclusive Veyron owner's club was getting pretty old too. However, every now and then I stumble across a shot of a Veyron that takes me back to my 8th grade self. So let me ask you, do particular Veyron color schemes turn you off? Will these color choices stand the test of time?

Lets get off to a good start with the colors of the concept cars. I have no problem using the term "classic" when I see these colors on a Veyron. These two color combos work very well and will for years to come:

Now I'll give you an example of what I think doesn't work: Matte grey and orange?

Same thing with the Halloween-y SS:

Solid colors work very well on these cars:

I don't like Black and Yellow, or its inverse:

Also Chrome is pretty lame too:

And this Aqua Silvery Grey combo doesn't work either...

And last I'm going to call this $2.5 million dollar car ugly:

Actually, lets end things on a good note: