Ah, I'm glad you could join me to discuss a matter of the utmost urgency. I have been posting on Jalopnik and Oppo for around 3 months now and while I've have ended up in a few shitstorms, I have massively enjoyed my time here discussing matters such as Hydrogen cars, Harrier Jump Jets and Hillbillies.


There is a weird and exciting trend I have noticed in my limited time here, as the headline states: Do Davids like V10s.


It first started at the beginning, where another David posted an E60 appreciation thread, considering the E60 is my favourite M5, I registered my support and broke into a long discussion about the lack of V10s in modern motoring.

This wasn't the end though...

In May there was a thread on exhaust notes and the author registered his displeasure towards V10s, naturally I sprung to their defense but I wasn't alone I was joined by not one but two Davids.

Things were getting weird...

Finally in late early June I decided to get pro active, where during another discussion about niche, I found support from another David where I popped the question (no not that one) and you guessed it, he liked V10s, then today in the post about "Super sports cars", I got support from another David who inquired about the Ariel Atom and I decided to further test my hypothesis and would you know yet another V10 lover.


So today I want to confirm or bust my hypothesis, so Davids or Daves of Jalopnik and Oppo, I have one Question:

Do you like V10s.