One of the most common things that you will see on any automotive performance forum has got to be people endlessly worrying about “voiding” their warranties. The irony of that is that many times people will ultimately makes seriously bad decisions for the health and performance of their car out of fear of “voiding their warranty”. It is the height of illogicalness to do something that will make your vehicle unreliable for fear that your vehicle may be unreliable.

Specifically, many people are terrified of reflashing their ECU because they’re sure the dealer will be able to tell (ignoring the debate if that’s really true or not) and they will be completely unwilling to even look at their car for any reason at all (which is of course blatantly untrue both by law and in practice). That ignorance isn’t really fine, but if they were to hold on to that false belief and generalize it to all of the modification that they might do to their vehicle that would actually be OK with me, but of course they don’t. Therefore, while they fear the black smoke and mirrors that is electronics in their minds, they are more than happy to commit fraud by installing and subsequently removing “bolt-on” parts from their cars whenever they need service. Still, do to an idiosyncratic warpage of my moral compass that illegal activity is not what makes me what to mash my keyboard and scream at my phone’s screen. The problem is that doing this can cause real harm to their cars.

Stanley Zitello