I have a neighbor who, in my opinion, is a douche. I am not going to list every reason I feel this way about him...it would take too long and is a pointless exercise. The only reason I said this was because I want to recognize that there is some bias in what I am about to post.

My neighbor's DD is a late-90's/early 2000 white Jeep Cherokee much like this:

As recently as last year or so, said neighbor's summer car became this:

Good for you, sir. Good. For. You.

But, where does he park this beauty? ON THE STREET.

Is our street particularly busy? No. Some kids, like his, play on it. Some cars cut through. He's one lot away from the corner of a main road so there's some buffer area when people turn onto the street and the sun's glare is bad. However, he has a small garage. AND A DRIVEWAY!


Funny story about this driveway: he doesn't do anything with it. His wife parks her car in it, but that's about it. He doesn't shovel it during the winter (he doesn't even shovel the path to his front door). Instead, he has a friend back into his garage and plow the driveway, pushing allllll the snow into my family's yard. This had torn up part of our yard in the past so one year my mom but an end to this practice. This was maybe three years ago.

Since then, he still doesn't shovel. He leaves his Jeep on the street during big storms so plows have to go around him. He's been plowed in a couple times, too, when the drivers get sick of him not moving his car. One plow literally drove back up the street to push as much snow as possible in front of it...I died laughing (shoveling at the time if you can believe it).

Recently, his wife bought a new Jeep Wrangler Sahara Unlimited (and I hate her for it because of this). Her car looks like the one below.

I was visiting my family yesterday and noticed that there was a sizable wall of snow left behind by the plows. Thankfully my family's driveway was clear so I got in no problem. My neighbor's wife got home and tried to turn into the driveway and plow through the wall to her snow-covered driveway. This did not work very well with only 2WD on so she got stuck. HERE COMES THE 4WD! GUUUUUNNNNN IIIIITTTT!!!!

How'd that turn out? Did 4WD make her invincible?


She was eventually able to back out of her driveway, line up her car and make it into her driveway (which had no incline whatsoever by the way). Good for her.


But it got me thinking...are there people out there who do not deserve some cars? I don't mean "stop selling CUVs and "SUVs" to people because they aren't real SUVs." What I actually mean is are there people, like my neighbor, who has a Jeep Wrangler Sahara or Porsche Carrera that you feel just do not treat the car right or let it live to it's potential.

Although, in the case of my neighbor, that Wrangler is a good call so long as he doesn't shovel.