APC driver seat is more or less totally worn out. There [edit...corrected wrong "there"...good job]... is a huge hole in my drivers side bolster near the chest area, and an increasingly bad hole near the mid thigh area as well.

Now then, I went to an automotive uphosltery shop and the nice man there said I'd be looking at about $500 for repair. To be honest, I was hoping it'd be around $200.

But hey, he said he'd estimate it, so he did. I went on kijiji and found a pair of APC seats for $150. They look to be in decent shape with no holes. Thing is they are on "ford escort rails" and I am in a Chevy Cavalier


Here in lies the rub. I must have "chevy cavalier" rails for my seats that are in my car now right?

Can I remove the escort rails from his seats, and then mount them onto my Cavalier rails? Or are the rails permanent. In other-words it would be impossible to take his rails off?

Thoughts? Comments? Questions? Pic of my seats when they weren't in bad condition!