I've been obsessing for months about my next car (you may have read a couple posts). I have tried to consider every possible reason for and against certain vehicles, the pros and cons of buying new vs used and lease vs buy. One thing that I thought of was "do I really need to get a coupe if I already have a motorcycle? Aren't those two almost interchangeable?"

I always arrived at the answer "no, of course not! I can drive a car in all weather!"

Then it got brought up again last night...by someone else...and it got me thinking in a more critical manner. This upcoming Saturday, my uncle and I are going to hit some dealerships so I can try out the FR-S and BRZ. He's interested in the C-Max so I may be checking out the Focus ST as well. Regardless, I have been lusting after the BRZ even though it may financially strain me to start (down payment, excise tax, inevitable insurance increase). Every review says it is fun...and so is my motorcycle. I want to learn how to drive stick, too, so this makes them even more similar.


Now, I'm conflicted (even more than the past 6 months). Is a fun-to-drive vehicle in MT along the same lines as a motorcycle, or at least close enough that I may want to consider the other vehicles on my list? Thoughts from the Oppo crowd?