I was just messing with the Mustang a bit, and it feels like it's expensive. It's almost like Ecoboost gave Ford a chance to increase the price of the base Mustang.

You are stuck with the basic cloth seats in the V6 and no Sync, which while I'm not a huge fan of Sync I wouldn't buy a new car for more than $20k if it didn't come with a touchscreen infotainment system.

Then you go to Ecoboost and nope, still stuck with the basic radio. Also no leather option, which is a shame.


So to get Sync and leather, which I would want out of a $25,000+ car, you need Ecoboost Premium, which is a whopping $30,000.

The 2014 Mustang V6 can be had with a touchscreen and leather for $28,000 or so.

For $30,000 I'd rather have a WRX.