Purists can shove it...

The 4WD community is shifting.

Yes, there will still be two-speed transfer cases. Yes, you can still lift, lock and outfit your vehicle. We are just evolving to a new era of 4WD vehicles and off-highway travel. Think recreational. Think hiking and MTB trail-heads. Frames aren't as necessary as you think.

What IS necessary is that the aftermarket responds to the shift so my kids will have someone to fab full skid kits for their Tiguan or Cayenne or a rock rail unibody equivalent for their Rav4 or Grand Cherokee or taller coils for their IFS Crosstrek or Evoque.


Quit whining when you spot a '14 Cherokee and think, "Hey, that *THING* wouldn't make the Rubicon, what a sacrilege to the Jeep name!"

Instead, maybe you should appreciate the details, appreciate that its got a rear locker and 30" A/T's. Appreciate the enthusiast who had the skill to fab underbelly skids for their Sorento and lets it ride on slightly up-sized Scorpion ATRs.

Not everybody lives in Tahoe or Vail and not everybody wants to cross the Darien Gap. Not everybody likes getting 15 mpg in the city. Sometimes, they just wanna vehicle that'll climb Schnebly Hill and sit three days at the trail-head while they backpack the Red Rock state park near Sedona.


They're the enthusiasts who are really enjoying life to the fullest of their ability. Appreciate your brethren, because we're all here [38°10′01″N 109°45′35″W] for similar reasons.


Doing some driving today

I've decided I couldn't live with an escape eco-boost, the throttle response made me want to get out punch someone in the face, maybe a moose.

Also, the new Cherokee is actually a pretty great drive on road, high levels of grip and limited body roll and the 3.2 revs really nicely to nearly 7000. Its surprisingly fast. I made Ray uncomfortable.

Lastly, That tight suspension doesn't bode well for off road pursuits.

Go Ray Go!