I'm not supposed to be done this early, but god damn if I stay around after I finish my trial run report. Had another Dilbert moment where I was reprimanded yesterday for not "taking charge" of today's trial run of a product I developed....

I guess a raw material wasn't ready or something. I was too busy fixing issues on our production line to notice/care that the base fabric wasn't ready. So my boss took care of it. Today I come in, and he sends out emails and phone calls before we start, demanding that we change everything about the plan I had. Everytime I argued to go back to how *I* planned it and organized it, I am shot down. So I retired to my lab, and did the material testing as requested instead of helping to run the trial. Turns out it all went to hell.......Like I told him it would. And I got reprimanded again for not "taking charge". I also couldn't keep a straight face and laughed pretty hard when my boss came in steaming about how it was going so wrong. Probably didn't help my case, but worth it to remind him that my idea was probably right while his was definitely wrong.


Life lesson for all you young oppos on here in today's Dilbert too. THIS. IS. YOUR. FUTURE.