Okay, okay, maybe not the best but I've never heard of it until now and I love it.

When Oppo goes Concours, you get the best looking Mercedes ever

We all love the 500K, the Gullwing, the 190E Cosworth etc, but this one is special. Because there's only one.


I was reading the Oppo review of Harrycarry250's 300TD and started researching M-B wagons (besides the Lord of All Cars, the G-Wagon).

After scrolling through a few Image Searches, I came across perfection. The 1956 300C Wagon by Binz. After doing some research, I found out it is a one-off built by German coachbuilder Binz & Co at the request of a woman who needed a wagon, which M-B didn't build at the time. They built a few other wagons on other platforms, but this seems to be the only 300C (W186 IV) wagon. It sold in 2010 at Amelia Island for $242k.

I actually discovered the car while looking for lowered M-B wagons, which generally look great (I typically hate lowered cars, but a wagon on airbags I like). Somebody had done some Photoshopping to slam the 300C Wagon.


I found a few pages with good details about the car. It has an interesting story. Caroline Folke was a Jalop before her time and might be partially responsible for Mercedes eventually producing their own wagons.