More car doodles. Mainly shit I wanna see from other car companies to do, like Toyota or Mazda. Sorry about the shit pictures, I was armed with a potato

Disclaimer: May or may not be good. Or accurate.


Well. Fucked this one up. Three places where the exhaust goes. All in the wrong place.

I was proud of this one, damnit.

When I fuck up the front, I turn it into a toaster.

I DESIGNED A THING! This is what I want the new NSX to look like Honda. Please. It started out as an Alfa but wasn't beautiful enough.

This is the interior for my NSX. I took heavy inspiration from the Zonda. Those triangular air vents would be a bitch.

What I want Mazda's LMP racer to look like. Took influence off of the Group C cars and the 767B. Shitty pic, I know. Other one in a Le Mans hatchback contender.

DO THIS TOYOTA. PLEASE. Take a Toybaru chassis, stretch it a bit, and put a more powerful engine in it. A Toyota 911 contender. That should look good.

Cheaters. Insta-Win for half the price of the X2011