The featured theme? Air cooled vehicles!

The Downers Grove weekly cruise night is one that attracts one of the most diverse sets of cars on a weekly basis in the Chicagoland area. Tonight's was no exception.

There was not one but two Baja Bugs here!

There were also a pair of DeTomaso Panteras, both very different in nature.

This one, a '73, was more stock in nature.

This one, a '74, is a serious resto-mod. Some light mods have been made to the motor and exhaust, suspension parts replaced with lighter, more adjustable ones, improved brakes, upgraded seats, and both the rear decklid and front bonnet were made from carbon fiber. It resulted in a 700# diet!

More air-cooled Porsche action

A great-looking Karmann-Ghia (also 1/2. The other one, a convertible, wasn't in as good a shape.)

A little mixture of everything: Classic luxury, hot rod's 2nd wind, classic Porsches, and good ol' muscle cars.

Some new Italians even decided to crash the party a little bit!

Not to mention a Cobra (replica)...

...and a Little Red Wagon (replica)

Something else I saw lurking around was an EXTREMELY mean-sounding Porsche 928 I suspect has a SBC swap. This is 15 minutes from where I work, so I suspect this will be a frequent stop on my way home on Friday nights!