I finally got a chance to break down the log data I captured on my last driving session, and it shows that someone may have let the dogs out. Or at least a few of the horses.

After playing with the wizarding world of Microsoft Excel I got a rough power curve build based on a few WOT passes I made on my maiden voyage across town. The numbers weren't that encouraging, showing in the transition from a carburetor to fuel injection I'd inadvertently opened the gate and let out about 70 horses.


I have the timing map very conservative since I was just starting out on this tune and didn't want to run the risk of detonating a lean mix. I now know I'm running around 9.5-10.5 AFR, which means a few tweaks and I should be able to find the power I lost. By upping the max timing from 33deg to 38 and getting the AFR up into the 12's I should pick up at least two dozen Shetlands, if not Clydesdales.

Second item on the tuning agenda is part throttle, which I discussed already. Further down the road I am strongly considering a swap to a roller cam with a bit more duration - my cam is obviously done at 5500 RPM and I'm not taking advantage of the large heads and single-plane intake. With a bit more lift and duration, spinning it to 7,000 RPM ought to light the fires under the previously kicked tires. However, that's a ways off and will probably coincide with the T-5 swap.