Last Sunday was round 2 of Modern Muscle Drags and the first time I’ve mounted the drag radials on the back of the Camaro. They made a huge difference, even with me struggling to get the car to actually spin the in the burnout box. Right off the bat my wheel hop issues are gone and the car now squats and goes! My best pass of the day is now the best time I have run in the car. 13.11 @ 107mph. Once I get the settings in the car figured out to properly hear the tires I think I can crack the 12s.

As for the raceday itself was a blast as always, with with fellow car club members and most of the modern muscle classparks in the pits together and it’s just a enjoyable day racing with good friends and people.

As for the racing itself, the day was a breakout day. Pretty much everyone who was eliminated was due to breakout. I lost in round two to one of the few cars running on their dial in. Even with the early exit, still maintaining 4th in overall points. Now to find the next test and tune day to get the burnout down!

Pics from the day: