Most gear heads have a difficult time answering the question “what is your dream car?” For me, that’s never been an issue, at least, not since 2004 when the fine folks at Ferrari bestowed upon us the Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale.

The way I understand it, Ferrari made the 360 Challenge (sans-Stradale) first. A race car based on the road car. Then came the road going race car in the form of the Challenge Stradale. All of that could be bogus, but it makes for a good story eh?


Shortly after its debut, prices plummeted, as Ferrari’s are wont to do, to about the same as a 3 bedroom ranch in the suburbs. Today, however, these are going for closer to a quarter million. Which, depending on where you live, might get you a soggy cracker box in a decent back alley, or it might get you a veritable McMansion

The noise this car makes is tantalizing. It doesn’t apologize for having no carpet or door cards. Ther s a fire extinguisher in the floor. If Enzo himself had made a mid engined Ferrari, this would have been it.

Now certainly there have been worthy successors I believe a certain PT Cruiser crushing jabroni recently posted a video of himself in the spiritual successor. But the 360 will always be my favorite.


Assuming you’ve read my babbling to this point, we’ve reached the zenith of this post.

What is your ONE dream car? No budget, no other constraints other than one car. It’s called a dream car for a reason eh?