Hands down, one of the best car shows ever! Eight Huayra’s, four LaFerrari’s, two P1's, two Zonda’s, one Koenigsegg, and the new Chiron! And some other less hypercar-ey stuff in between!

Volcano Yellow
Red race mode and yellow Prius mode.
The BC was damaged recently, so it wears this blue vinyl wrap to hide the damage on the front-right quarter panel.
Red carbon. Looks like a merlot wine.
Gemini Uno
Dark Iron Man
Bert the Bear pulled out all the stops by bringing TWO Zonda’s!
Monza Zonda
Miller Motorcars brought the new Chiron!
Rosso Fuoco
Triple Yellow over blue carbon
The Monza Lisa made the trip from Miami!
The King. Weird spec, but it photographs better than any other Huayra.
I finally got a good shot of this car. That chrome wrap makes it so hard to photograph.
Nice to see a Huayra with real paint instead of the usual exposed carbon.
Tour de France Blue is the classiest Ferrari color
Mosler Raptor GTR
Crazy wrap on a crazier car
Best spec.
A Koenigsegg CCX-RS briefly showed up for the charity drive.
One of the weirdest and coolest things I’ve ever seen!