I spent the vast majority of my weekend finally fixing the rear brakes on my Focus. It is my first foray into the mechanics of drum brakes. What a complete cluster fuck these things are compared to the utter simplicity of disc brakes. It took me maybe four hours total to replace the rotors and pads, yet all weekend to complete the replacement of the drums, shoes and wheel cylinders of the rear wheels. It did not help that one cylinder had let go and had been leaking brake fluid for some time, with the resultant black goo being rather thick in the internal workings of the drum. But, Christ on crutch, how are drum brakes easier or cheaper for a manufacturer to install than a set of discs? Springs, clips, shoes, adjustment bar and wheel cylinders, or a rotor, two pads and a caliper. And, to top it all off, I get it all put together, looks good, feels good, but I did not know about the ABS sensor ring that has to be swapped from the old drums to the new ones. So, now my ABS and brake warning lights are lit up, which means I have to pull the drums off, install new sensors and hope that solves the problem. At least my car now stops in a straight line with a nice, solid brake pedal. Next up, motor mounts, tires & a much needed alignment. Then, my wife’s Town & Country is up for brakes & rear shocks. Being frugal and doing your own wrenching sure is a time suck.