I've found and bought two original E21 Recaros this weekend for my 2002 touring-projekt! I'll have to refurbish them so they'll look somewhat like these (but black finish instead of brown as my 2002 is Inka Orange) from Aardvark Racing:

The seats will have a long way to go to look like these though as the state they're in is pretty 'used':

I'll have them refurbished at a local shop. But I'm not sure yet if I'll opt for leather or old-school OEM-vinyl which is way cheaper. I could also opt for some contrast by using other cloth/colours for the 'inside', maybe going the same direction like my '87 911 has (black leather outside/black&white velours inside) as the original seats have a similar contrast:

Also important to me would be to try and save the sides of the E21-Recaro's as these came, as you may know (but probably don't), with the BMW-roundel stamped on it. But the sides look heavily used so I'm not sure if that's possible, or how I could restore that:

Now how did they get these logos over there (the E21 Recaros were an original factory-option). Anyone has an idea what will stick on leather/vinyl like this or if it's even possible to be done by one self?