Oh Oppo, you are about to enter a topic more controversial than abortion, Israeli-Arab conflict and the DH combined: what vehicles are suitable suitable for towing. I’m looking for a car (as in not not truck, not SUV, but wagons are welcome) that can tow 2,500 lbs of travel trailer and camping crap and still be fun on twisty roads (though not necessarily doing both at the same time). Budget is $15k. Also, three pedals.

“Why don’t you just buy a $2000 Suburban and leave the fun car at home?” Its a reasonable question. The answer is that 10,000 years ago glaciers flattened the Chicago suburb where I live and everything else within 150 miles. I can’t drive a fun road except when I travel.


Pictured: E39 M5 hauling wooden tear drop trailer and a 1976 Beemer R90S. The trailer is a work of art. More here: