Well guys, I bought a car! I drove down to see it on Sunday evening, purchased it, and got it inspected, titled, and tagged yesterday.

What did I buy? I'll give you a few hints. It's a 1997 manual 5-speed, powered by a peppy four cylinder engine, in British Racing Green. It isn't a Mazda Miata.

It's a Saturn SL2. I paid far below my budget for it. It's been well maintained and is just over 110k miles. It's easy to work on (I replaced the serpentine belt before I had it inspected), parts are dirt cheap, and it's got a reasonable amount of space. A crack in the windshield and the clearcoat is rough, but it does have brand new tires on it. The owner threw in a Haynes manual and a mango-scented tree-shaped air freshener (Which I threw away at the first opportunity.) The clutch and transmission are pretty good, and the car has a similar power to weight ratio as a Miata, at 124 HP and 23xx lbs. I've been re-learning to drive Standard — my family hasn't owned one in a long time, and I hadn't driven one in several years. I've both stalled and chirped my tires a few times, but it's coming along!

I've driven about 120 miles (all city) since I bought it, and I've gotten well over 25 mpg. My insurance was very reasonable, and there's enough space to take my guitars and equipment to gigs. It even has A/C!

A few interesting notes:
So, judging from the headliner, the owner may have turned into a werewolf while driving.

I got home, and noticed that there was a second rubberized handle under the e-brake.

*pulls handle *
*machete appears *

I checked the trunk and it's completely clear of dismembered body parts, so I guess we're okay. It's a little puzzling, but on the other hand, free machete!

I'm currently fielding suggestions for my new ride's nickname. Our favorites have been "V" (it's a Saturn!), "Frogger", "The Pickle", "Junebug", "Turnip (green)", "Magnolia", and "Soylent"
Chime in below! As with my original crowd-source my car post, I probably shan't take your advice, but I promise to read your comments! ;-)

-Matt Henry