Recently picked up this 2002 525i Touring grocery getter. It’s a Sterling Grau E39 with 174,000 miles and was kept in great shape. I work at a BMW indy repair shop in Denver, Colorado and requested that they,, perform a Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI). I had to move quickly to secure the purchase so the Pre turned into a Post-Purchase Inspection. They wouldn’t typically recommend that, but I was satisfied with its condition. Still, I wanted to get it checked out.

Doug, owner, was gracious enough to perform the PPI, and gave his blessing on its condition (whew!) He put her up on the lift, found a few common leaks (174K miles on the M54 Straight 6 engine) and then hooked her up to the scanner to check codes. The traction control light stays on, so I have to address that.

She’s in super clean condition and was taken care of by her previous owners. I now have a nice daily driver with a lot of life left in her. We have plans for an engine swap plus turbo, which should make for a strong sleeper. Currently looking at at an S52 engine out of an M3.