Ages ago I made a post titled American cars that would work in Europe. Discussions were had and all was good, so why not try it the other way round? Let's try to think of European cars that would be a major pain in the bum to use on the fatter side of the great pond.

Cars made by European companies for the European market have a fair share of characteristics an average American buyer would probably find peculiar. That's still the case even now, in the age of globalised model ranges. Even in the same car bought in two different places you'll often find completely different drivetrains, suspension setups, body styles and equipment.


To give a few simple rules:
- let's stick to relatively modern cars (not older than 20 years)
- only post cars made by European companies that were never sold in America
- support your claims

And please don't list cars that you just don't like. I'm looking for vehicles that would simply be too impractical, confusing, difficult to operate, etc. for American buyers to ever be interested in them.