I am Bad Idea Hat. The name is very simple; I celebrate all ideas terrible, because occasionally, terrible ideas become amazing. A man once cooked a candy bar in his pocket while testing a radar system. Voila! Microwave oven. By nature, I'm an ideas man, much like Michael Keaton's character in the 80's movie Night Shift. This typically means that I like crazy ideas and people, but would prefer them to be ideas that other people put into action.

Anyways, I live in a modest size city in the midwest/great lakes region that IS NOT St. Louis.​ I'm married with a two year-old daughter, and another on the way. We also have two dogs, a Pug and a Miniature Black Lab, which is a clever way of saying "mutt combination of black lab and basset hound."


As for my cars, I currently drive a 2006 Scion xB. I tend towards the more practical side, but like having a car that can be fun when needed. The xB fits that, as it's the first car I've owned that truly seems to be as easy to drive sideways as facing forward. I've always figured that I would, given enough money, start a rally team running Scions. Yes, we'd be looked at as crazy, but we'd be our kind of crazy. My wife's car shall not be named, and any mention of it in the future will refer to it as "my wife's Porsche 908-2" as both the 908-2 and her car apparently weigh about the same.

I like racing history, first and foremost. The only time I've ever felt a turbo was acceptable was during the 80's. I'm exceptionally clumsy, which usually means all car work is a two person job in my world. I leave you with my favorite car of all time, ever;