Have you ever wanted to see cars go a hundred miles an hour on narrow bike paths with vineyards containing thousands of dollars in grapes/massive stones designed to stop runaway military tanks lining the edge? No? Well who asked you? For those who have wanted to see such terrifying antics I have good news! Rally Deutchland is just days away!

Before we get too involved in Deutschland a quick review of Finland (because I'd been too busy working on a video project to write a proper review). Someone could argue that to have previously competed in Rally Finland would give a Fantasy WRC player an unfair advantage, and as it turns out they might be right, because former WRC Academy co-driver and current European Rally Championship co-driver Alex Kihurani absolutely killed it this round, with the first perfect roster of the season. With only two players even managing to have all five of their drivers score points this round (the other being Freddster), it was truly a dominant round for Alex. The same could not be said for the overall championship leaders, Chronchameleon and Tell A Finn. Both made their picks late, after four stages had already been run, and as a result both incurred eleven points in penalties. This allowed third place AntMic (and thirteen other players) to close the gap, and what was previously a 23 point rift between second and third is now just four points.


As usual full results can be found here, but here's how the overall top 10 looks after Finland:

1) Chronchameleon - 469
2) Tell a Finn - 450
3) AntMic - 446
4) McNewbie - 434
5) Dusty Ventures - 428
6) Hermann - 427
7) Hoccy - 421
8) Lumpy44 - 415
9) Nobody - 411
10) ddavidn - 402

Now back to Deutschland:

Germany is the event the tarmac specialists (and Kubica fans, because he's totally not going to crash this time guys) have been looking forward to all year. It takes a different technique to win on tarmac as the amount of grip and the way the car behaves is completely different to the tarmac events. Tarmac experts like Ogier, Sordo (both of whom have won here before), Neuville, and Bouffier will be favorites to give strong performances. Much attention will be on Kubica as well, as he'll finally be on a familiar surface without sporadic, unpredictable coatings of ice [Monte Carlo]. Meanwhile Latvala will be looking to capitalize on his momentum from Finland and show he can be both fast enough and consistent enough to be a title threat. To add to the mix, there are five drivers who will be tackling Rallye Deutschland for the first time (Evans, Kubica, Breen, Bouffier, and Melicharek), and two drivers who will be having their World Rally Car debuts (Yuriy Protasov and Sam Moffett). It should be a very exciting event.


Also, as a Fantasy WRC note, this is the final event before we start dropping scores, so take a good look at the players like Lumpy44 and G17 who have missed a round, they're about to be all up in this competition.

And with that it's time to make some picks and start the ritualistic smacktalk. If you've forgotten the rules or are new to Fantasy WRC (WELCOME!) be sure to read them all here. Below are the WRC competitors entered for Rally Germany. For the full entry list (WRC2 drivers, etc. Remember, you can pick any driver on the entry list) click here. And, as always, the data spreadsheets are available for you numerophiles.

Sebastien Ogier - Avg points last 10 races: 21.9 / Avg points Deutshcland: 13.3
Jari-Matti Latvala - Avg points last 10 races: 16.4/ Avg points Deutshcland: 6.0

Kris Meeke - Avg points last 10 races: 5.2 / Avg points Deutshcland: 0.0
Mads Østberg - Avg points last 10 races: 8.2 / Avg points Deutshcland: 4.7

Mikko Hirvonen - Avg points last 10 races: 7.3 / Avg points Deutshcland: 9.4
Elfyn Evans - Avg points last 8 races: 5.6 / Avg points Deutshcland: N/A

Thierry Neuville - Avg points last 10 races: 7.3 / Avg points Deutshcland: 9.0
Dani Sordo - Avg points last 10 races: 8.9 / Avg points Deutshcland: 13.7


Andreas Mikkelsen (VW) - Avg points last 10 races: 10.0 / Avg points Deutshcland: 0.0
Robert Kubica (FORD) - Avg points last 9 races: 1.3 / Avg points Deutshcland: N/A
Martin Prokop (FORD) - Avg points last 10 races: 4.5 / Avg points Deutshcland: 6.0
Craig Breen (Ford) - Avg points last 2 races: 1.0 / Avg points Deutshcland: N/A
Dennis Kuipers (Ford) - Avg points last 10 races: 2.8 / Avg points Deutshcland: 1.0
Yuriy Protasov (Ford) - Avg points last 0 races: N/A / Avg points Deutshcland: N/A
Bryan Bouffier (Hyundai) - Avg points last 2 races: 14.0 / Avg points Deutshcland: N/A
Jaroslav Melicharek (Ford) - Avg points last 2 races: 2.0 / Avg points Deutshcland: N/A
Sam Moffett (Ford) - Avg points last 0 races: N/A / Avg points Finland: N/A