Ferrari F70: This Isn't It But Hopefully It's Close

Ferrari have confirmed what we already know, which is that the F70 (no it isn't going to be called the F150, that's just the codename) will be at the always-exciting Geneva Motor how this March, along with the production McLaren P1 and - I think - the Porshe 918 Spyder. Let the hypercar wars begin!!!

It won't look exactly like this, but I like it. It looks less... amphibian than the rest of their cars. Plus of course, it's a normally-800bhp-but-sometimes-950bhp hybrid hypercar with a KERS unit nearly as potent as the 2014 F1 cars will have, and all that thrust has to propel a mere 1280kg or so. That's 70kg less than the Pagani Huayra and about as much as a top-spec Dacia Duster. It also won't catch fire. Because fuck you and your lame old jokes. 0-60 in 3s and 230mph or so, although I can't help thinking that a low-drag body and that much power should go faster......

Oh, and Ferrari say it will go round corners just as fast as an F1 car, which is bollocks. Still, a road-honed FXX isn't something to be sniffed at!