I saw this Carrera GT at Coffee and Cars yesterday.

My first 300SL. I took video of this car...

Obviously, I was expecting this.

I've seen the Hennessey Venom 4 times now. The first one was a customer car, however this one below I believe is the official show car, since it's been three times I've seen this color.

I forgot this baby even existed.

Hey, you aren't the same F40 I saw at Coffee and Cars yesterday...

What's a Ferrari Festival without Risi Competizione and its racing cars?

Amazing color on the GTO.

What's this?

A second one?!

Wild Enzo appeared! What do you do? Take pictures, of course!

Is it really her Enzo? Why yes. Yes it is.

Bonus: Video of the 300SL.

Just click here.