Fiat 500 Turbo or Abarth

Well this is my first post at oppo so it would help if anyone in the comments could give me some advice.

Welcome to BUDGET BATLLES a series I will be doing here on oppo from time to time. My first entry pins a Jalop favorite against it's little brother a fiat 500 turbo. The other day I was looking on line for some cheap sports cars and I went on fiat's site to get to abarth and I saw the 500 turbo so I set out to find the better deal. This is a summary of the two cars not everything is included.


This is the main difference. The 500 turbo is about $19000 the Abarth is about $23000. Why? Well you are mainly paying for an abarth name. Keep reading to find the other reasons.


Fiat 500 Turbo or Abarth


160 Hp 170 Lb-ft torque

Koni shocks

sport seats

performance suspension

dual performance exhaust

boost gauge

Heavy duty 5 speed

Fiat 500 Turbo or Abarth


electronically limited

135 HP and 150 Lb-ft of torque

34 mpg

performance exhaust

Normal 5 speed

Sport tuned suspension

Fiat 500 Turbo or Abarth


Engine (will be the same if you kill the electronic limiter)

Transmission (mostly the same)





Looks (mostly the same)

Fiat 500 Turbo or Abarth


Well the way I look at it is kind of like the Toyobaru twins two different brands (Toyota) (Subaru) tuning the same car to what they want. We see almost the same thing here (Fiat) (Abarth) two different brands (divisions) tuning a car to what they want it to be.


Fiat 500 Turbo or Abarth

The Fiat 500 Turbo


Unless you autocross it or have so much money it makes tuff to put your pants on buy the fiat. Either way you will get a great handling car that will be fun to drive.