Fiesta ST odyssey update. Deposit in (refundable), pickup Friday

Always insist on refundable, don't play ball if they won't.

Called the other dealer that didn't sell out from under me to tell them I wanted the white ST I drove on Friday. They repeated the reasonable price they mentioned Friday but said something about $1k in dealer fees...which sounds like them trying to pocket the rebate. They also sent their "stock" deposit form which stated "non-refundable." I emailed back saying that if they won't take refundable, I'll take my chances and show up Friday. Got a fax with "non" marked out and an email saying "refundable is fine." So now there's a refundable deposit holding my likely future Fiesta ST. I told them we'll talk about these "dealer fees" when I arrive on Friday and after I look up whether there are limits on fees in TN. It's spot on price-wise with the going rate without their fee.

New lesson for those buying cars. Don't be afraid to push back when something doesn't sound right.