And help me in my lucid-dream-made trailers for...

  • Test Drive Unlimited 3 (yes, a sequel to TDU2, but set in New Zealand),
  • Project Gotham Racing: Reborn (what it says on the tin, but set in Germany),
  • SEGA Tom Kristensen’s Le Mans 24 (more or less NBA 2K but Le Mans),
  • Shift 3: Maximum (sequel to the really good Shift 2: Unleashed),
  • Need For Speed: Gatebil (exploring Scandinavia’s biggest, most wicked-insane automotive and motorsport event),
  • The Valhalla Run (based on the Dakar Rally, but is held worldwide, and has all disciplines of off-road racing and rallying mixed together, run on all sorts of terrain, also has vehicular combat mechanics),
  • Virtua Driving: SpeedScapes (Virtua Racing’s Forza Horizon equivalent), and
  • Tourist Trophy 2 (a sequel to Polyphony’s Tourist Trophy)

You’ll be giving me three songs each game, for an E3 Reveal, PAX Gameplay, and Official Launch trailer. You have the basic guide as to how the games would be like on the list.


There’s no need to provide music for all games—you can pick just one or two games and post the songs.

Now, go forth, and bring me excellent trailer music!!!