So... Remember that racecar engine from this post? Well... One track day at Thunderhill and the engine began suffering a slow death as cylinders 7 and 8 filled with oil. By the time we pulled the engine out, 6 weeks ago, it had gone from a 462 V8 to a 347 V6! My father and I had run out of spare engines, so we put together a new 462! (A less racecar, more street-friendly one)

Since we were building a new engine from the ground-up, we figured it would be best to put all the parts we'd been wishing to put into the other engines. First up was a deep-sump baffled oil pan, made from a stock pan cut and welded resulting in a 7/8" depth increase, which increased oil capacity by a little over a quart! The homemade baffle should also lessen, if not eliminate, oil starvation issues that reared their ugly heads at Thunderhill.

The goodies don't stop there though! The stock crank has a set of Crower forged connecting rods attached to these pistons. We estimate the rotating assembly is good to ~500-550 hp and at least 6,500 rpms. The heads of the now-deceased 462were cleaned up and reused for this engine. The Holy Poncho Father, Jim Butler himself, told us which cam we should place in the engine to get the best all-round performance out of it. The exact specs elude me at the moment, but the cam is slightly smaller than the race-engine cam. The dished piston-large combustion chamber -smaller cam combo gives a cheap-gas-friendly compression ratio of 9.2:1. The pumps and accessories were all pulled off the old engine, giving the new engine a very similar outer appearance to the one that preceded it, but internally the engines are quite different.

All my complaints about the previous engine are nonexistent with this one, this engine is AMAZING. And since it's not super overdue for a rebuild or meant to only run a quarter mile at a time, it should have long happy life under the hood of the 'Bird. Which is good, because six weeks with no car is something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemies!