Hi fellow Oppos! My name’s Alec and I’ve been commenting for a while...but I’d still consider myself a newbie to this community. I just recently got permission to become an author on Oppo (thank you!) and I have quite a lot of photos and stories to share as time goes on.

These pictures are of cars I would see at work in the parking lot. (Pardon the bad photography on most of these, my only camera currently is my phone).

Anyway, here’s the dumpage.



I have no clue what the small black smart fortwo sized thing is, or the scooter, but the rest I thought were either cool or strange in some way. That Rolls is one of two I’ve ever seen in person, and it’s strange that it was in a grocery store parking lot, even if it looks like it was from the 80s/90s.


Anyway, thanks for viewing!