The story on the front page made me want to share my story with Oppo. Growing up I did the normal sit in Dad’s lap and steer the truck while we drove around the empty parking lot. But the first time I was in control of the two pedals also was not my brightest moment.

Living on the coast in South Texas, I was spoiled with fishing. One morning we took the boat out fishing, once we were done we headed back to the boat launch. Dad backed the truck and trailer down to the water while I circled in the boat. We loaded the boat on the trailer and my Dad says “Go pull the truck up out of the water.”

I looked at him dumbfounded, He says “ Just put your foot on the brake, put it in drive and give it some gas.”

So that is what I did:

Put my left foot on the brake.

Put it in drive.

Push the gas with my right foot.

It didn’t move so my Dad yells “Give it more gas!”

So I did, that 90's Extended Cab F150 threw crushed shell all over the boat, my Dad, other boaters. I spun the back tires for a good 30 seconds thinking I was going to slip back down the boat launch. I eventually understood what was happening and pulled my foot off the brake and successfully removed the boat from the water but man was that a good lesson learned. One that Mom still doesn’t know about to this day.